Oklahoma Phone Number Lookup

What Is Oklahoma Do Not Call List?

Oklahoma Do Not Call List is a statewide compilation of the telephone numbers of Oklahomans who do not wish to receive unsolicited telemarketing calls and have accurately registered with the Oklahoma Attorney General. The Telemarketer Restriction Act, passed in 2002, enables Oklahomans to curtail unsolicited telemarketing calls made to their residence or cell phones; by registering their numbers. Consequent to the Telemarketer Restriction Act, telemarketers are prohibited from contacting Oklahomans on the list; however, there are some exceptions, which include:

  • Solicitations for religious or charitable groups;
  • Solicitations for not-for-profit organizations structured under 501(c)(3) of the IRS code;
  • Solicitations for political candidates and causes;
  • Solicitations to organize a one-on-one meeting between a salesperson and consumer;
  • Solicitations from telemarketers with whom the consumer has an established business relationship, formed at least 24 months before the call by a voluntary, two-way communication. The consumer does not have to purchase products or services to create an established business relationship. Any application or inquiry by the consumer is sufficient.

Is Oklahoma Do Not Call List Different from National Do Not Call Registry?

Yes, Oklahoma Do Not Call List is different from the National Do Not Call registry. The Consumer Protection Unit of Oklahoma Attorney General's office maintains Oklahoma Do Not Call List, while the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) maintains the National Do Not Call registry. Both Do Not Call registries function to restrict unsolicited calls for persons who subscribe to them; however, Oklahoma Do Not Call List is a statewide list and does not have authority outside the state. On the other hand, the National Do Not Call registry serves all the states in the US.

Telephone numbers registered on both the National Do Not Call Registry and Oklahoma Do Not Call List do not expire. Instead, the registered telephone numbers remain on the registry indefinitely until the telephone number owner decides to remove their telephone number from the registry. The telephone numbers will also be removed from the list when they get disengaged and reassigned to another customer. The National Do Not Call Registry is updated every 31 days. This means that telephone numbers registered on the list will become active after 31 days and can no longer be contacted by telemarketers. Oklahoma Do Not Call List is updated every three months, and the law allows telemarketers 30 days to remove consumers' names from their solicitation list.

How Do I Register on Oklahoma Do Not Call List?

Oklahomans can register on Oklahoma Do Not Call List online by completing the Telemarketer Restriction Act Registration Form or by placing a call to (405) 521-3921. Persons seeking to register on this list are required to provide the telephone number they are registering, their full name, physical address, county, and e-mail address for registration confirmation. Registration on Oklahoma Do Not Call List is free for all consumers.

It is possible to be subscribed to the Oklahoma Do Not Call List and still receive unsolicited calls or calls from telemarketers violating the provisions of the Telemarketer Restriction Act. In such cases, residents can file complaints with the Oklahoma Attorney General. These persons will be required to provide their personal details, details on the telemarketer and the summary of the call. They can also try to identify the robocallers by running their numbers through reverse phone lookup search engines.

What Should I Know About Oklahoma Do Not Call List?

Oklahoma Do Not Call List allows Oklahomans to register their residential phone, business phone, cell phone, and pager numbers. After registering these numbers, you do not automatically stop receiving unsolicited telemarketing calls. This is because the Telemarketer Restriction Act allows telemarketers a 30-day period to update their Do Not Call list. Also registering on the state’s Do Not Call List does not guarantee that the subscriber will no longer receive unsolicited calls, however, the registration places a restriction on these calls. Telemarketers exempted from the Do Not Call law will also be allowed to place calls to consumers. Oklahomans can register multiple cell phone numbers.

Telemarketers that knowingly place calls to persons whose numbers are on the list can be reported by filing complaints with the Oklahoma Attorney General, as this is considered an unlawful telemarketing practice and a violation of the Oklahoma Consumer Protection Act.

The Attorney General's Office submits phone numbers listed on the registry to telemarketers every 3 months. The schedule is as follows; numbers registered on December 1 will be updated February 1, numbers registered on March 1 will be updated May 1, numbers registered on June 1 will be updated August 1, and numbers registered on September 1 will be updated November 1.