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Oklahoma Reverse Phone Lookup

Reverse phone lookup involves identifying an unknown caller by their phone number. Carrier directories and other databases of subscriber information make reverse phone searches possible. When registering new phone numbers, carriers collect identifying information from new subscribers. When searching an Oklahoma phone number using a lookup tool, the reverse phone lookup service consults the databases of all major carriers operating in the state. Identifying unknown callers can help Oklahoma residents avoid phone scams, spam calls, and robocalls. Residents that receive a lot of robocalls should consider adding their phone numbers to the national and state Do Not Call registries.

What are Oklahoma Phone Numbers?

Phone user preferences have shifted from landlines to mobile and wireless phones. As of 2007, the percentage of American households that use wireless phones exclusively was only about 15%. That percentage grew exponentially to about 50.8% in 2016. Oklahoma has kept pace with this switch to wireless telephone services. CDC estimates for 2018 show that 66.7% of adults aged 18 and above in the state are in wireless-only households while only 3.6% of adults in the state still use landline phones exclusively. The percentage for exclusive wireless phone usage goes even higher if we consider children aged below 18. It is estimated that 75.7% of children live in homes that only use wireless phone services while the number for those residing in landline-only households declined to 1.2%.

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a new entrant to the telephone market. Unlike landline and mobile phone services, it relies on the internet to transmit calls. VoIP is also more flexible than traditional phone services and can be used with a wider range of devices including dedicated VoIP phones, smartphones, computers, and landline phones fitted with VoIP adapters. VoIP has gained rapid popularity in recent years and has already attracted more users than landline telephone services.

The four major mobile network operators in the nation offer telephone services in Oklahoma. AT&T leads in terms of coverage with its extensive presence in 96.66% of Oklahoma. T-Mobile ranks second with a network covering 96.35% of the state. Verizon is in third place with a 81.96% coverage while Sprint places 4th place with 45.54% coverage.

Can I Search a Phone Number and Find Out Who it Is?

It is possible to search a phone number and find out who it is registered to by performing a phone number search. Before any new telephone number is activated and assigned, the owner is required to register it. This registration process entails getting some personal details about the owner of the number which makes the reverse phone search possible. Details like name, address, gender, and occupation about the owner of the number are collected and stored in the carrier’s database. Once a phone number lookup is carried out, some or all of the information collected during the registration process is made available, depending on how comprehensive the phone lookup is. Some reverse phone lookups also provide additional information from other sources such as subscribers’ publicly available criminal records and social media handles.

Is there a Free Way to Lookup Someone’s Phone Number?

A random online search of a phone number is one way of executing a phone number lookup. This type of search combs through public websites to find mentions of the number searched. Telephone carriers also offer both free and premium phone lookup services to their subscribers. Several third-party websites and apps also provide free and premium phone lookup services. Usually, the results of free lookup services are quite basic. On their own, they may not tell you much about the owner of the number except for their name and contact address. However, they can be used as a tool to conduct further research. Paid lookup services offer more accurate and comprehensive results with added information like date of birth, past criminal records, and social media accounts.

What are Phone Lookup Services?

Phone lookup services are apps and websites that help enquirers discover details about the owners of unrecognized phone numbers. They have become necessary because the increasing number of telephone subscribers has led to a rise in spam calls and phone scams. Recognizing a number displayed by your phone’s caller ID will go a long way to help filter out unwanted calls. Individuals rely on their caller ID to decide which calls to pick or ignore.

Scammers know this and are always looking for ways to make their numbers appear familiar or trusted to their targets. A scammer might spoof their number to show up as that of a trusted friend, relative, or government agency on the target's phone. To guard against scammers impersonating other people, Oklahoma residents are enjoined to be wary of strange callers and never provide confidential and personal information over the phone. Details like social security number, date of birth, and mother’s maiden name must never be shared with anyone on the phone to avoid falling for scams.

Is Reverse Phone Lookup Legal in Oklahoma?

Yes. Residents of Oklahoma can identify unknown callers using reverse phone lookup searches. Oklahoma does not have state laws determining whether phone number lookup services are legal or not. However, the state recognizes the usefulness of these services and its law enforcement agencies use them when investigating phone scammers. Oklahoma allows phone number lookups as long as they are used for their intended purposes. It is illegal to use reverse phone number lookup to harass or defraud residents of the state. Therefore, users and providers of this service must operate within the confines of Oklahoma state laws.  

In addition to frowning on using reverse phone lookup for malicious and fraudulent intents, Oklahoma also requires them to respect individuals’ privacy. Therefore, those offering phone number lookup searches must obey the state and federal privacy laws. This means that they must not spy on the unknown callers they identify or reveal confidential information without the consent of these individuals.

What Information Can You Get from a Oklahoma Phone Number Lookup Search?

A reverse phone number lookup free search provides the key information needed to identify an unknown caller by their phone number. These are the individual’s:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Age
  • Gender

Users that need more detailed information should sign up for phone number lookup paid searches. Most lookup providers offer both free and paid tiers with premium service and additional information reserved for paying users. These users can expect to get more up-to-date information about identified callers. These include their recent addresses and notices of name changes. 

One way paid reverse phone lookup services find information is by gleaning them from public social media posts. By doing this, they can find recent photos of identified callers. Furthermore, some of these premium services can also access public criminal records to find available criminal and arrest records of searched individuals. Such details are useful for verifying the claims of unknown callers and discovering known phone scammers, stalkers, and spammers impersonating neighbors, family members, and reputable organizations.

What is a VoIP Number?

VoIP numbers are virtual phone numbers assigned to subscribers of VoIP phone services. Subscribers can place VoIP calls on any voice- and internet-enabled device including dedicated VoIP phones, smartphones, computers, and landlines fitted with special VoIP adapters. Compared to landline and mobile phone services, VoIP is easier to deploy, offers lower overall costs, and provides improved telephone experience. These reasons are responsible for its quick and wide adoption among business users.

VoIP users can choose any area code when picking a number even if they do not live in the state, county, or city linked to that area code. Businesses use this feature to make their calls appear local to customers all over the country. However, scammers now also use it to trick their victims into thinking they are neighbors when they are calling from other countries. They can make their calls look like they are coming from Oklahoma area codes recognized by the target. Other features of VoIP phone services favored by scammers include the ability to call different individuals from multiple devices with one phone number and the lack of regular location data. These make it harder for reverse phone lookup services to find scammers using VoIP numbers.

What is an Oklahoma Phone Number Area Code?

An area code is a block of three digits that make up the first part of any American phone number. Area codes were developed by AT&T and Bells Laboratories and put into service in 1947.  They correspond to different parts of North America and make phone switching systems more efficient. The North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA), under supervision by the Federal Communications Commission, (FCC), is in charge of assigning new area codes to areas that require a new one. In Oklahoma, the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) has the task of deciding which areas or regions will get to use the new area code assigned by NANPA. There were 86 area codes at the introduction in 1947, and Oklahoma had just one. As of 2020, there are four area codes for the state with a fifth one due in 2021.

What is an Oklahoma Phone Number Prefix Code?

A prefix code comes after the area code in an American phone number. It is also made up of three numbers. Prefix codes narrow down phone numbers to neighborhoods, counties, cities, and municipalities. If we use the phone number (291) 555-5465 as an example,

  • 291 is the area code
  • 555 is the prefix code
  • 5465 stands for the line number

Sometimes, the international dial code, +1, is required for callers outside the United States of America and Canada.  The above number becomes +1 (291) 555-5465. In this instance,

  • +1 is the international dial code
  • 291 stands for the area code
  • 555 remains the prefix code
  • 5465 is the line number